Our Services


Financial Planning

We help clients create realistic, long-term financial plans. Using state-of-the-art software, combined with our years of experience, we guide clients through the complexities of financial planning. Each client’s financial plan becomes a personal guide for making effective, long-term decisions.


Investment Management

Our portfolios are customized to each client’s needs and risk level. Based on our proprietary research and in-depth screening process, we develop and oversee a careful selection of investments that we use in our portfolios. We are independent and use only the investments that we identify through our research process.

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Education Planning

As the expense of college continues to climb, it is more important than ever to stay ahead of the curve of increasing college costs. We help clients project the approximate future cost, evaluate different funding strategies, and assist with access to investments, including state’s college savings plans.


Retirement Plans & Executive Compensation

Our advisers work with business owners to manage their retirement plans. Golden Trail always has been a fiduciary to both plan sponsors and plan participants. We provide high levels of service and advice for a competitive fee.


Estate Planning

We help clients make effective decisions regarding their estates. This planning ranges from simple guardianship and beneficiary selection to advanced strategies for reducing estate taxes. We can work with a client’s attorney or we can recommend a qualified attorney to do the job. The goal is to make sure clients have a solid plan in place to carry out their wishes.


Business Succession

One of the most important decisions a business owner can make is when, how and to whom a business should be sold or transferred. Through our in-house expertise and industry relationships, we help owners properly account for their business in their financial plan. We help identify and improve the key drivers of value. We also help guide the process of selling a business. Our experience, tools and relationships give business owners the framework and support to make effective decisions in this area.


Life & Long-Term Care Insurance

We help clients identify the most cost-effective solutions for life and long-term care insurance. We help evaluate options in the context of each client’s overall investment strategy and long-term financial plan.