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Matching Objectives with Organizational Goals

An effectively managed investment program fully supports your organization’s goals. Our careful approach helps ensure that your investment objectives are closely aligned with your organization’s mission and goals.

Fiduciary Guidance and Oversight

We work with managers and trustees to coordinate and oversee the fiduciary responsibilities facing non-profits, trusts and foundations. By following best practices, we help ensure clients stay within the rules and guidelines of the organization. We make sure the right issues are identified and addressed to best meet the needs and requirements of our clients.

Analysis and Forecast of Cash Needs

Our advisers help ensure your cash flow needs are understood and provided for by your plan. We offer this kind of planning and advice as part of the comprehensive investment planning process.

Developing Investment Policies and Strategies

It is important for organizations to properly document and adhere to their investment policies and strategies. Some organizations do not allow investments in companies in the alcoholic beverage industry, for example. Other organizations are not permitted to invest in interest bearing instruments for religious reasons. By incorporating these important requirements into the investment policy statement, we help you meet your organization’s objectives.

Investment Management

Our portfolios are customized to each client’s needs and risk level. Based on our proprietary research, we develop and monitor a careful selection of investments that are approved for use in our clients’ portfolios. We manage the composition of clients’ portfolios over time, taking into account cash disbursements and deposits, normal rebalancing and ongoing research.