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Financial Planning

We help clients create realistic, long-term financial plans. Using state-of-the-art software, combined with our years of experience, we guide clients through the financial planning process, making it easy and understandable. Each client’s financial plan becomes a personal guide for making effective, long-term decisions.

Retirement Projections

We work with clients to project income and expenses leading up to and during retirement. We take many factors into account (healthcare, travel, transportation, housing, daily living, Social Security, rates of return) to ensure that our calculations are as accurate as possible. Knowing now whether you are on track for your retirement goals gives you time to make adjustments if necessary and also gives you confidence during retirement that your plans are sound.

Investment Management

Our portfolios are customized to each client’s needs and risk level. Based on our proprietary research, we develop and monitor a careful selection of investments that are approved for use in our clients’ portfolios. We manage the composition of clients’ portfolios over time, taking into account cash disbursements and deposits, normal rebalancing and ongoing research.

Estate Planning

We help clients create effective estate plans. These range from simple guardianship and beneficiary selection to advanced strategies for reducing estate taxes. We can work with your attorney or one we recommend to develop a new estate plan or review your current documents. The goal is to make sure you have a solid estate plan in place to care for family members and efficiently transfer money to those you select.

Education Funding

As the expense of college continues to climb, it is more important than ever to stay ahead of the curve of increasing costs. We help clients estimate future costs, evaluate funding strategies, and assist with investments, including 529 college savings plans.

Insurance and Risk Management

We help clients evaluate the need for life, disability and long-term care insurance. We work with multiple insurance companies to identify cost-effective solutions. All insurance decisions should be coordinated with your overall financial plan, estate plan and, if applicable, your business succession plan.

Tax Planning

We help clients reduce their tax bills by using tax efficient investments and by allocating investments into taxable, tax deferred or tax-free accounts. We utilize retirement plans whenever possible, take advantage of tax-free exchange rules and, when needed, use losses to offset gains from selling appreciated securities. We also help identify strategies to reduce the amount of taxes paid when selling your business or appreciated real estate.